Effective Pain Services

If you have knee pain, nagging injuries, or arthritis, we have options!

Arthritis, pain, and recurring injuries can get between you and your sports, or even prevent you from being able to pick up your grandkids or perform common household chores. We focus on options with the goal of decreasing the pain to a manageable level, while striving wherever possible to eliminate the pain entirely.

At Delbrook Integrative we strive for comprehensive care, which may lean on any combination of PRP and prolotherapy injections, RMT services, sleep assessments and treatments, advanced lab testing, and dietary & lifestyle optimization. We use prescription medications where necessary, and may consider other IV or injection therapies if appropriate for your case.

To learn more about whether regenerative injections such as PRP or our comprehensive approach can help you, book your complimentary brief consult now.

Hormone Optimization

Healing is most effective when hormone levels are in healthy ranges. If testosterone, growth hormone, cortisol, or other hormones are optimized, you have your best opportunity for healing.

Hormones can be assessed by targeted clinic assessments and lab tests. If all is healthy, we move on to other causes. If not, we work to bring hormone levels into healthy ranges to maximize healing.


Sleep Optimization

Our bodies regenerative and heal while we sleep, though this aspect of healing is often not addressed. The number of hours (sleep quality) and the depth or type of sleep (sleep quality) are both important factors. If you aren't sleeping well your body's hormones can be affected, and your ability to exercise, focus, perform, and heal can all be disrupted. We can help you get the most out of sleep. so you can be and feel your best

Pain Therapies FAQ

How Long Does a PRP Treatment Take?

A standard PRP treatment can be completed in 75 minutes or less, most of which is spent preparing your PRP sample. The actual injection procedure generally takes 5-10 minutes, or less in some cases.

What is The Difference Between Prolotherapy & PRP?

Prolotherapy is the injection of dextrose (a medical sterile sugar) to cause the body to release growth factors, whereas PRP involves drawing blood, removing the growth factors, and concentrating them to a higher degree. Both increase growth factors to help with healing, repair and growth. PRP creates a higher concentration of growth factors than prolotherapy.

What is The Best Treatment for Pain?

The best treatment is different for different people. For some, PRP treatments are the best option. For others, improving sleep (and thus their ability to heal) while focussing on basic rehab activities are best. For others, its a combination of increasing movement & stress outlets. We focus on helping you find your best options to save you time and money. Our practitioners select treatment options based on you and your goals, and we are trained to get results. We can help you find your best option.

How can I Learn More About These Therapies?

Book a complimentary brief consult with Dr. Lucas MacMillan, ND to discuss relevant options including pros and cons. Some patients are not appropriate candidates for different therapies, and a brief consult can help to define the options here.

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