The Importance of Accurate Assessments & Diagnostics

Accurate and comprehensive testing is an incredibly important part of health. By clearly identifying the imbalance in the body, we develop targets for treatment and future monitoring. This allows us to provide you with fast and cost effective care that works.

Lab Testing Types and Options

Many options are available, and your individual case and preferences will be taken into account. Most common tests include the following:

  • Blood tests for thyroid function, iron status, blood sugars, liver function, and hormones
  • Urinary tests for hormone levels, adrenal function, and evidence of infection
  • Salivary tests for hormone levels and genetic assessments

If you have tests you are interested in, ask Dr. Lucas MacMillan, ND has experience with hundreds of tests from a range of different providers both locally and internationally. He can help you find the most appropriate tests for your particular needs, help to assess whether the test is worthwhile. If appropriate at this point, he will provide access to the test and results, and help to interpret the results and build a plan unique to your needs and goals.

Recommended Approach

Start with assessments and lab test as appropriate.

Appropriate lab testing can mean the difference between an accurate assessment leading to effective treatment, and a failed assessment followed by lacklustre results. We can quickly identify whether one parameter (ex thyroid function) is likely involved, and quickly shorten the list of possible causes. The results are often available in one business day. Although modern medicine and testing adds an impressive amount to our ability to help people, it isn't always appropriate or sufficient.

Dr. Lucas MacMillan, ND will help you navigate the wide range of testing options to find the appropriate lab assessments. This can help you identify barriers, expose new treatment targets, and rapidly improve your health and performance. Book a consult with Dr. Lucas to start the process today

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