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At the Delbrook Integrative Medical Centre, we focus on you. If pain is getting in the way of doing what you love, hot flashes are ruining sleep, or if your digestion is holding you back, we can help.

Our health professionals offer a diverse range of research-informed practices to help you feel your best, and reach your health goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can a Naturopathic Physician Help Me?

Dr. Lucas, ND will sit with you for one full hour, assess your supplements, medications, and recent lab results to get a clear picture of your current health. He is trained and experienced in many approaches including conventional and advanced lab testing, bio identical hormones & prescription medications, nutrition & supplementation, nutrient injections & IVs, hands on treatments and advanced pain therapies such as prolotherapy & PRP, lifestyle modification options, and more. This allows for a unique approach that will use the best approach for you. There are many tools and options available, which maximizes your opportunity to get what you need to overcome obstacles to look, feel, and be your best.

What Can I Expect On My First Visit To A Naturopathic Physician?

Expect to dive deeper in to your health and concerns than before. Initial consults are one full hour, and may include a physical exam, review of medications, allergies, products & supplements, diet, and lifestyle. You will leave with treatment recommendations, or further testing required to accurately diagnose the cause, or both. If your concerns are beyond our ability or focus, we will refer you to someone more appropriate for you.

What if I am uncomfortable with dietary changes, supplements, medications, blood tests or other recommendations?

We will make recommendations based on what is most likely to help you achieve your goals in a smooth and easy manner. If any of these recommendations won't work for you, that's ok. We have many treatment tools and options available, and understand that a single treatment or assessment option may not be right for everyone. Alternative options and starting points will often be used where needed, and we will explain the reasoning and expected outcomes for recommended and alternate options so you can make the right decision. We will always be honest while respecting you and your choices, and will work to make the treatments and assessments as simple as possible.

How Does Direct Billing and Extended Benefits Work?

We offer direct billing for many companies, including pacific blue cross, manulife, Sunlife, Desjardins, Chamber of Commerce Plans, and many more. This means we submit the billing information for you, and are usually able to determine coverage before your visit. Many of our patients have coverage for the entire cost of their visits, products, or tests, which means we don't charge you anything - the insurance pays for it. It is important to understand that we access the information that the insurance company gives us, and there are cases where we are unable to determine coverage, or where we are not able to submit it for you. This does not mean that you aren't able to get coverage, only that your provider doesn't allow allow us to direct bill or assess your coverage for you. It can always be submitted by you. Also note that any amount that is not paid by your insurance company must be paid by you, and any questions relating to coverage and coverage amounts should be directed to your insurance company, as we are not able to access your details and information on your behalf.

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